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Preparing for a Survey

Good preparation by the boat owner or captain is essential to our producing a thorough, accurate survey report as efficiently as possible. Preparation should include:

  • Making the vessel tidy and “ship shape”
  • Removing any excess gear that will hinder inspection
  • Ensure all hatches and lockers open freely
  • Pull up floor boards so bilges can be easily inspected
  • Ensure all safety gear is on board and up-to-date
  • Make masts, sails, rigging and small craft available for inspection
  • Ensure that batteries are on board, charged and connected
  • Plug the boat into AC electrical power when it is available
  • Arrange for hauling the vessel if the vessel is to be inspected out of the water
  • Provide receipts for recent work that should be noted in the survey report
  • All vessel particulars should be made available including:
    • Length/draft/beam
    • Hull number
    • Documentation number
    • Year built
    • Builder
    • Make/horsepower/model of engine(s)
    • Number and type of sails
    • And more! Every boat is different and needs specialized attention. We’ll make sure to go over what is right for your survey.

Keep in mind that a surveyor is assessing the condition of the vessel. A well-kept ship is typically one that the owner cares about and knows how to maintain.