Engineering & Design

Tom’s engineering experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Composites engineering
  • Tow tank experiments
  • Stability calculations & incline experiments
  • Analytic & experimental analysis of marine propellers & turbines
  • Control systems
  • Matlab programming

In addition to surveying, Tom is currently overseeing the METEL research lab at Maine Maritime Academy.   In his spare time he also teaches a class or two as an adjunct professor.

The Mission Statement of METEL is as follows:

1) Research and development of practical solutions for emissions reductions and improved efficiency for marine diesel engines.

2) Advance transportation expertise and technology in the many disciplines that comprise transportation through research, education and workforce development, and technology transfer for the maritime and related transportation industries.

3) Provide a critical transportation knowledge base outside the US DOT in the area of marine engine emissions and efficiency through the R&D efforts of METEL.

4) Address vital workforce needs and educate the next generation of transportation leaders through integrated efforts with MMA’s well established transportation education programs.