Customer Comments

“Your work -the report itself, clearly indicating top quality expertise- is among the best I’ve seen.” Rob Wells, President of Seacoast Specialty Administrators, Inc.

“Thank you ever so much! You’ve truly provided the piece of mind that I was looking for! Thank you for being a great guy to work with!” Matthew Carter

“Your services are invaluable to me and much appreciated!”  Next time it’s dinner on me!” George A. Hagerty

“The survey itself was much like his examination, meticulous, quite complete and most of all accurate and fair.

Later I found the survey proved to be essential in showing the seller the truth about the condition of the boat and was certainly a tremendous help in getting the price to a level that was truly fair. I highly recommend Tom and Maine Design Company!” Ross Mann

“Thorough and professional. I found Tom through his accreditation source and was pleased by his rapid replies to all my emails and phone calls. He discussed his approach to the survey with me beforehand and asked for my focus areas and concerns. We agreed to a flexible survey based on weather- so that he could perform the most complete inspection possible given the realities of a Maine winter. His survey was simple enough to understand, yet provided details on critical concerns. His guidance and professional wisdom helped me to make key decisions about my vessel search. I would use him again if I were to purchase a boat in Maine!” John Reilley